Yeti Love Pink Lemonade by Laura Barbosa May 2017 - display

This work of art was hand painted with acrylics, ink and 3D paint and was entered into the contest on Talenthouse for the Brisk Challenge. The 12x12in. original painting is available for purchase on eBay Here If your interested in Prints and Products with this image, please go to Red Bubble, Fine Art America or Society6

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Vivid Thoughts is an original abstract painting created with acrylic and spray paints on canvas. 2016

This is a new series so stay tuned for more giant abstracts with a similar theme coming to the Heart of Art Blog.

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Vivid Thoughts by Laura Barbosa - display



Vivid Thoughts by Laura Barbosa - home decor

This Painting has been SOLD to a Private Collector and now resides in California, USA.


An original abstract painting in gothic style with a tattoo theme of dreadful things.

The broken jaw on the skull holds up the crow as they slip into the afterlife together.

NEW! “Dreadful Things” A Gothic Work of Art by Laura Barbosa.
24 x 36″ Place a BID and WIN this Original Painting w COA.


Dreadful Things by Laura Barbosa - display

Sometimes an artist picks up the paintbrush and puts it down on the canvas and creates a magical picture through their mind’s eye. This is one of those moments. “Being Human” is a subconscious thought of the human anatomy and how I see skulls in many colors that convey an emotional feeling. Acrylic paint is combined and accentuated to give this artwork some drama.

These small paintings have been gaining such new popularity for me and I am going to continue creating small works of art as signed collectibles. This work of art is on 8 x 10″ canvas and is currently for sale in my eBay store with 2 bids so far. It has no reserve price so whomever bids the highest will win it! The link to the auction page is HERE – This is a 7 day art auction for the Original on eBay. Good Luck

Being Human by Laura Barbosa - display

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Psychedelic Skull is a cool work of art created with many colors. A Modern Abstract Painting by Laura Barbosa. Day Of the Dead Inspired Art. 24×30″ – Ships Free to US.


Psychedelic Skull by Laura Barbosa - display

Psychedelic Skull by Laura Barbosa - wall art

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