Heaven is for Real

A whimsical and colorful painting depicting a skeleton angel with wings and a crown of gold floating up towards heaven.  24 x 30″ PAINTING – On eBay Auction for * 7 days * Original w COA – Bid $49 and Win: http://tinyurl.com/lor9k7q

Heaven is for Real by Laura Barbosa - display_________________________________________________________

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Worlds Away – Animal Fantasy Art

Fall into the Dreamlike World of Animal Fantasy with this Work Of Art. Imagine an Enchanted Forest High in the Clouds with a Monarch Butterfly Fairy Collecting Wild Flowers, a Flying Owl, a Wolf Guardian and Sea Creatures Swimming up the Mountain Top. 24 × 30″ Acrylics on Canvas.

$449 or Best Offer – Go To Listing and View All the Close Up Photos Here

Worlds Away by Laura Barbosa - display

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Pretty Gouldian Finches

A portrait of Gouldian Finches perched upon a branch in the outback. This 8 x 10″ collectible artwork was created with plaster and acrylic paint. The wood is 3D and the bird feathers are textured. This was fun to create because of all the wonderful colors! Hope you enjoy this piece. It is on auction for 7 days with a Starting bid of $9.99 with no reserve.

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Pretty Gouldian Finches by Laura Barbosa - display

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