A vintage inspired artwork created with plaster and acrylics in multiple layers achieves an old look with a white washed coating.The skulls with wings add to it’s lowbrow style and push this original into the modern age. The texture adds interest to the unique rooster, dragonfly and bee. Hand Painted by Artist Laura Barbosa in 2016.

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Rooster Road by Laura Barbosa - display


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day of the dead celebration by Laura Barbosa display

New! “Day Of The Dead Celebration” on 8×10″ Canvas.
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“Circo De Los Muertos” – Carousel of Death is my new Day Of The Dead Original Painting. I was inspired by a local carnival and it’s merry go round. The Carousel can be a really weird and cool ride! Sometimes you ride on frogs, bees, turtles, and other things that just don’t make any sense. The carnival I went to had a number of colored horses in their ride and it inspired me to paint this artwork with a mixed media of techniques.

I just read about “Dead Man’s Carnival” in Milwaukee which is also awesome. The mixture of fun and morbid thoughts makes Los Muertos Art so interesting to me as an artist. The sky is the limit to what you can create if you can just free your thoughts and become one with your subconcious mind.

This folk art painting is 24 x 36″ with texture and was hand painted on gallery wrapped canvas.

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Word from the bird! In terms of technical evolution the Interweb is moving frighteningly fast – almost at  warp-speed 9 it seems! And so it would seem the likes of  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Skype have joined the realms of retro-dom so soon after their inception – they’re sooo early 21st century darling!! Seriously, these brilliant ‘retro-style‘ ads called Vintage Internet are by MOMA, a Brazilian advertising agency who designed them for Maximidia Seminars.  … Read More

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Whenever I create steampunk art on canvas, I try not to think about any kind of guidelines and let my mind take over the idea process. Gears and Clocks always pop into my head and I love making freehand illustrations and mixed media art. I have to include the Robots too because robots are so fun to make. The sky is the limit with this style! You can make it as complex as you like just by adding more details to your gears. Robots can be made out of fantasy trash cans, old vintage parts and even clocks. Take your mind to a new place and try creating some pipes, winged mechanisms and altered bronzed keys…This painting is a cool example of freehand steampunk art. This original painting measures 24 x 36″ and the materials used are Ink, Metallic Paint, Acrylics and Gallery Wrapped Canvas. CUSTOM ORDER -SOLD

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