The Quest for the Cryptids and Fossils of Dinosaurs said to be Extinct……. But Are They? There are tales of Dinosaur sightings in Africa still to this day with eyewitness accounts and photos of giant footprints from the Congo. The Chupacabra from Mexico, The SheepSquatch from Appalachia and the Mothman from Point Pleasant West Virginia, all are known as Cryptids, Creatures of this world that are said to exist but are not proven to exist yet. Someday we will find that the Sasquatch of American Indian Legend and the Loch Ness Monster are Real!  ( 3 Day Auction $34.99) Place BID


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Throw Me Something Mister!! Oh Yeah, I Love Mardi Gras, Ain’t Nothing Like Fat Tuesday! This is an Original Hand Painted Collectible 8×10 Acrylics on Canvas, now available as prints and more! A Unique Artwork by Laura Barbosa. $34.99


Fat Tuesday by Laura Barbosa 2013 - display

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NEW! Just Listed – “Peacock Sugar Skull” / Collectible 8×10 Signed Acrylics on Canvas

Pretty Peacock Sugar Skull on 8×10 Canvas. Hand Painted in Acrylics. Colorful and Cheerful Bird Lovers and Day of the Dead Collectible Art.

Starting BID is $34.99 – Place your bid here: 

Peacock Sugar Skull by Laura Barbosa 2013 - display

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Painting in Progress - Laura Barbosa #3

Painting in Progress #3 – Check back tomorrow to see the 3 finished works of art! I bought a total of 6 new black canvas measuring 8″ x 10″ and they will be auctioned off on eBay at an affordable price. All will be Sugar Skulls celebrating the Day of the Dead and all will be shipped ready to hang/ Varnished with a Certificate attached to the back of the Canvas. Free Shipping to the USA. Check this blog for updates on Auction times and new photos of the finished paintings.

This was a cool artwork to create, I just let the paintbrush take over and this came out. In honor of the Walking Dead Finale tonight, I listed it on ebay for 7 days with a reserve of $99 plus free shipping. This is the last of the older canvas given to me by another artist. It has rough stapled sides and looks like a street artwork on canvas. Makes a great conversation piece if you are a zombie fan and would look cool in a game room, man cave or wherever zombies live! Graffiti Style, Zombie Fights Shark Conceptual Art. Modern Horror Art by Laura Barbosa 2013

Zombie Shark Fight by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 20x24 - Concept Art

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Introducing the softer side of me, the woman behind the art, here she is in this artwork! PEACE is what I strive for everyday, to achieve a peaceful existence, free of stress, yeah right, not in this lifetime..HEE HEE but I try to meditate and eat healthy and listen to beautiful music and yesterday it helped me to create an artwork that is not the norm for me, but rather my soft side, so here it is folks: “SERENITY” Created with a palette knife and various impasto tools to give the feeling of calmness, tranquility and peace. The colors are soothing and relaxing. it measures 30×22″ and is an Original Mixed Media Artwork by Laura Barbosa.

Serenity by Laura Barbosa 2013 flower abstract art - Mixed Media

New! Just listed for sale on eBay for $124.99 plus Free Shipping to the USA

Serenity by Laura Barbosa 2013 flower abstract art - 3D flower

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Serenity by Laura Barbosa 2013 flower abstract art - country

(the canvas is rough and has staples on the sides, I was given 4 old canvases from another artist. They are made of solid wood and heavier than the ones I am use to working with. They have a rough finish) Hope you enjoy this art, let me know what you think….

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A Cute and Creepy Undead Skeleton Pirate Girl with her Voodoo Dolls and Pink Octopus Pet. Fantasy Outsider Art in a Modern Street Art Style. Funny Artwork on Gallery Canvas measuring 20″W x 24″H. The Original Painting has already been SOLD. Prints are available at Imagekind, Red Bubble and New Metal Prints from Fine Art America.

Pirate Voodoo by Laura Barbosa - Original Painting 2013 - 20x24