This Artwork Symbolizes A Sugar Skull in Mexico being visited by a loved one in the spirit of a Monarch Butterfly on the “Day of the Dead” or El Dia De Los Muertos.

By the first of November the Monarch Butterfly’s arrive in Mexico just in time for the Corn Harvest and the “DAY OF THE DEAD”. According to tradition: The Monarch Butterfly’s are the souls of ancestors coming back to visit their loved ones.

This 4 piece artwork has texture and was started with an application of plaster on canvas, then painted with acrylic paint, gilded with gold powder and embellished with 3D paints to give it a detailed finish.

Each canvas measures 8 x 10″ and the total height is 16″ x 20″ Wide. If you wish to place a BID for this work of art, please click here – The auction has NO RESERVE and the starting bid is $49.

Mariposa - A Spirit Returns by Laura Barbosa - display

monarch butterfly art

mexico art

Created with Cape Hatteras in mind. This was a fun and happy artwork to create. I love to use bright and vivid acrylic colors together especially when making a summer themed painting.

This is a 4 Panel Painting in a Cool and Fun Style. Blue Green Waves, a Whimsical Lighthouse and a Sandy Beach Celebrate the Colors of Summer!

12 × 36″ each panel – 36 x 48″ Total Measurement – XL WORK OF ART.

Acrylics on Canvas. BIDS start at $1.00 – Go to Auction

Colors of Summer by Laura Barbosa - displayColors of Summer by Laura Barbosa - modern art

beach art

lighthouse art

wave art

surf art

Hand Painted in Acrylics with a 3D Effect. A Gloss Finish makes this Triptych Shine! This New Orleans Voodoo Shop is a Cool Place to Buy Magical Items. It is Highly Detailed and Layered in Color. The Two Voodoo Doll Panels are Painted in Colors of Good. The Blue and Purple Doll Symbolizes: love and is the color of Marie Laveau, physical and spiritual healing, strength, wisdom, and a resistance to black magic. The Green and Yellow Doll Symbolizes: success, understanding, attractiveness, confidence, money, wealth, abundance, prosperity, fertility, luck, health, generosity and rebirth.

Voodoo Shop by Laura Barbosa - 3 Piece Artwork - Triptych 2013

For More Photos. Please Go to My Ebay Listing where you can Buy It Now for $479.99 with Free Shipping or if you are interested in individual prints of this work of art, please view My Imagekind Shop.

“Bohemian Peace” represents the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful concepts. This is a lovely and calming artwork created with a mixed media of acrylic paint and plaster with a 3D effect. Shabby Chic Decor or a “Bohemian Atmosphere” would rock this Artwork!

Bohemian Peace Laura Barbosa - 3 Piece Modern Art Set

Bohemian Peace 1 by Laura Barbosa - Mixed Media ART - Canvas Guitar

Bohemian Peace 3 by Laura Barbosa - living room art for behind the couch

Buy this 3 Piece Original Set or Purchase Art Prints for your Walls.

“Lost World” Colorful Contemporary Abstract Art Set – Signed w Gloss Finish @eBay! A poured acrylic painting created to give the look of a foreign world, a bazaar planet with odd color combinations and an alien atmosphere. Each canvas measures 20″ W x 24″ H.

Lost World by Laura Barbosa - 60x24

Prints available at Imagekind and Fine Art America.