Wolf Spirit Animal Art

The wolf symbolizes: Freedom, Strong Instincts and is a Power Animal! This painting represents the Spirit of the Wolf. 24 x 30″ Acrylics on Canvas.

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Wolf Spirit Animal - Laura Barbosa Home Decor

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The Messenger

New! “The Messenger” 24 x 30″
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ABOUT: The Crow is known to be a messenger, the bringer of omens. Crow has an incredible knowing of the changes of life and death. Crow is the essence of prophecy and magic. Behold the crow in the realm of skulls as pictured here in this original painting.

The Messenger by Laura Barbosa - display

Goldfish Spirits – New Acrylic Painting – 18×24

Goldfish Spirits - Original Acrylic Painting by Laura Barbosa - Lowbrow 2013 18x24 - Gallery

“Goldfish Spirits” combines my love for aquatic animals and human skulls. I have always had Betta Fish in a bowl in my kitchen and I loved the many colors of their species. Fish are wonderful to paint, especially when painting from your mind and making the colors whatever you want them to be.  This goldfish is what I would love to find swimming in a fish tank, I would buy it now! The freedom of art is exciting and gives us the opportunity to paint whatever we dream of.

In the background I have floating skulls that represent spirits of goldfish owners. The many souls who owned goldfish are watching this colorful specimen swim in his pastel colored world. The Tiki Totems are just for fun to add a bit of whimsy and to remind us of how fun it is to decorate a fish tank with statues and figurines of our favorite themes.

This painting is a 3D Lowbrow Style Artwork that uses dots for details. The multi-colored goldfish is a fantasy fish surrounded by skull spirits and tiki totems. Hand Painted in vivid acrylic colors, the goldfish really “pops” against the pastel background. Goldfish Spirits Original Painting is for sale in my eBay Store and on my official artist website. Reproductions have also been made as prints & canvas prints for fans and collectors of my art. Created in 2013 – Finished with Liquitex Premium Gloss Varnish. Ships free to USA and ready to hang with certificate and bio attached to the back.

Goldfish Spirits - Original Acrylic Painting by Laura Barbosa - Lowbrow 2013 18x24 - blue room

Goldfish Spirits - Original Acrylic Painting by Laura Barbosa - Lowbrow 2013 18x24 - fish eye

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