Z 4 Zombie

Happy Halloween!

“Z 4 Zombie” – Zombies have become some of the most popular pop culture icons. From The Walking Dead to Zombie Family Portraits, Zombies are here to stay. As I ride down the road, I see numerous Zombie Apocalypse vehicles parked in lots and cruising the streets. It is part of our society and can be fun or serious to some who believe that zombies will eventually take over the world.

I’m a very big fan of “The Walking Dead” Series and the “Talking Dead” Talk Show. My art plans for the future include more zombies as fine art, sgraffito style and tattoo style characters with a touch of street flair. So stay tuned for more undead creatures and creepy monsters to put on your walls. One thing is for sure, they make great conversation pieces and freak some visitors out! My guests are always entertained walking through my home.

Have a Safe and Scary Halloween Night / Thanks for Supporting My Art!

36″ x 24″ Original Impasto Painting On Auction with 3D Texture

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Z 4 Zombie by Laura Barbosa - display

4 Piece Day Of The Dead Art Sale


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Measures 16″ x 20″……. 4 Pieces……… ORIGINAL !

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Mariposa - A Spirit Returns by Laura Barbosa - display


Bohemian Peace Paintings, Folk Art in a Country French Style

“Bohemian Peace” represents the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful concepts. This is a lovely and calming artwork created with a mixed media of acrylic paint and plaster with a 3D effect. Shabby Chic Decor or a “Bohemian Atmosphere” would rock this Artwork!

Bohemian Peace Laura Barbosa - 3 Piece Modern Art Set

Bohemian Peace 1 by Laura Barbosa - Mixed Media ART - Canvas Guitar

Bohemian Peace 3 by Laura Barbosa - living room art for behind the couch

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