Dragon Fish

May this creation of the Koi Fish bring you long life, good fortune, success and prosperity. This artwork symbolizes the fantastical dragon from myths and legends.

Original Painting for Sale on eBay Auction (Dragon Fish by Laura Barbosa)

Dragon Fish by Laura Barbosa - display



Shark Kill Zone


Always on the hunt for food, the shark kill zone is where sharks find food and sometimes that means sampling people… SHHHARRRKKKKKKK. A comic book style illustration and painting of a great white shark who swallowed a person or just someone’s arm.

New! ” Shark Kill Zone ” SMALL PAINTING – 8 x 10″

On Auction for * 3 days * Win it for $12.99 – Place a Bid Here


Shark Kill Zone by Laura Barbosa - display

Zombie Eats Shark – Southern Fried Art

The Swimming Dead search for Fish Brains and anything with a Beating Heart. Zombie eats a Great White Shark. Great White Shark nibbles on small Zombie Heads. Southern Fried Munchies just off the coast of Florida, near a nuclear power plant. 2013

Hand Painted in Acrylics and Textured with Plaster, topped with Copper Metallic Highlights on Gallery wrapped Canvas. Cool Horror Art for my Zombie and Fish Fans. I always thought a Great White Shark and a Zombie would be a good match in the time of a Zombie Apocalypse. Dramatic, Original and Cool Art for your Wall! Great Conversation Piece. Ships Free to the USA, Ready to Hang.

Zombie Eats Shark by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 24x30 - Art Gallery

Zombie Eats Shark by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 24x30- horror art

Zombie Eats Shark by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 24x30- shark head

Zombie Eats Shark by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 24x30 - blue wall art

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