Legends is an artwork inspired by my belief in the supernatural and creatures that are said to exist but are not proven to be, yet. Bigfoot or Sasquatch has always been my Favorite Cryptid along with the Loch Ness Monster, Unicorns, Aliens, The Chupacabra, Gremlins and UFO’s. Enhanced with the colors of the rainbow, this painting becomes one of my coolest creations.

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Star Trek Portraits Custom Commission

*Studio Update* I am working on Custom Commissions this month and probably for the next 4 months so my posting of new art will be slower than usual. This post is for my Custom Star Trek Commission of Scotty – Sulu – Mc Coy and Chekov, The Client has Kirk and Spock Already and Just ordered Uhura so it will be an awesome set. These paintings measure 12 x 36″ each. To see the listing please follow this link: 

Star Trek Display - 4 Portraits

Ordering Custom Commissioned Art

“Kirk and Spock” Original Portraits have been SOLD to an Art Collector. I am getting emails requesting more famous Character Portraits. It is a 3 month wait until I can start my next commission but if you would like to be put on the list please send me a message and reserve your spot. Half down is required – Price list on my official website: http://laurabarbosaart.com/

Spock and Kirk Portrait Pop Art by Laura Barbosa for Etsy