Cloud Chaser

Cloud Chaser by Laura Barbosa

Unique Vaping Art on Canvas for Modern Walls and Cool Spaces. This is a Green Alien Type Sugar Skull who Loves to Vape! It’s a Cool Graffiti Style Painting. Original, Large Hand Painted Art by Laura Barbosa.

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Cloud Chaser by Laura Barbosa - display

Puppet Master – Primitive Art Assemblage

This is a raw abstract mixed media work of art on 2 canvas nailed together and assembled with jute. Splashes of acrylic paint add to the street art feel and the style is modern, contemporary mixed media. This is a primitive looking very rough artwork. It is meant to look disheveled and put together in the most basic way, by hand and free of any constraints. If you love assemblage art and raw pieces then this double canvas representation of a puppet master’s studio would look great in a modern city space or contemporary setting. Graffiti inspired 24×36″ mixed media work of art by Laura Barbosa – Unique and Original, all hand assembled and nailed together.Created in 2012 outside on the rocks near the beach at the Jersey Shore.

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