The Chicken Farmer

The Chicken Farmer holding his prize winning bird! This is a modern day of the dead scene honoring the Mexican Holiday and Dia De Los Muertos.

Just Listed on eBay!! – Day of the Dead – Free Ship!

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The Chicken Farmer by Laura Barbosa - display


New Skull Painting – Being Human

Sometimes an artist picks up the paintbrush and puts it down on the canvas and creates a magical picture through their mind’s eye. This is one of those moments. “Being Human” is a subconscious thought of the human anatomy and how I see skulls in many colors that convey an emotional feeling. Acrylic paint is combined and accentuated to give this artwork some drama.

These small paintings have been gaining such new popularity for me and I am going to continue creating small works of art as signed collectibles. This work of art is on 8 x 10″ canvas and is currently for sale in my eBay store with 2 bids so far. It has no reserve price so whomever bids the highest will win it! The link to the auction page is HERE – This is a 7 day art auction for the Original on eBay. Good Luck

Being Human by Laura Barbosa - display

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