Peaceful City 24 x 48″ Original Painting for Sale

“Peaceful City” is a Hippie City in the Clouds. This Painting is Mixed Media on Canvas with a textured moon and sun created with plaster and sparkling glitter outlines. A flying dove, the messenger of Peace with a cool keyboard and peace sign clouds make this art sing!

24 × 48″ Acrylics and Plaster on Canvas.

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Peaceful City by Laura Barbosa - display

Peaceful City by Laura Barbosa - bedroom art

Close Up Shots of Artwork

Peaceful City by Laura Barbosa - moon

Peaceful City by Laura Barbosa - peace sign

Peaceful City by Laura Barbosa - peace letters

Peaceful City by Laura Barbosa - musical notes keyboard

Peaceful City by Laura Barbosa - dove

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Zombie Town – Walkers From Hell

Welcome to Zombie Town. It’s undead madness in this country hick village from hell. Abandoned barns and sheds built by the living when the apocalypse hit. No one survived and there are only zombies left here. All the farm animals and pets have turned into walking dead creatures, scavenging around for body parts and brains. The shot gun shed is loaded with guns and the apocalypse supply barn still has axes, spears and machetes for sale. The dog in this evil scene is still finding arms and legs to snack on but the people who once lived here have been undead for so long they have all turned a puke color green and now their brains are falling out and their eyes have turned white as they walk the earth forever looking and searching for human remains. This is a comical and humorous horror artwork inspired by all the great zombie movies and the halloween holiday.

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