Legends is an artwork inspired by my belief in the supernatural and creatures that are said to exist but are not proven to be, yet. Bigfoot or Sasquatch has always been my Favorite Cryptid along with the Loch Ness Monster, Unicorns, Aliens, The Chupacabra, Gremlins and UFO’s. Enhanced with the colors of the rainbow, this painting becomes one of my coolest creations.

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If I were a Galaxy, I would listen to the sounds of space and watch the planets rotate and shift. To have a view of all the worlds would be so interesting and humbling. The forever vastness of the universe, the life forms living on so many spheres while peacefully floating and sailing through the milky way. This is a 24x48in Fantasy Abstract Painting created with acrylics and spray paint on canvas for those who love modern art.

If I Were A Galaxy by Laura Barbosa - display

24x48in Spray Paint and Acrylics on Canvas.

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If I Were A Galaxy by Laura Barbosa - Home Decor

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Portrait of “The Violator” in his Blue Faced Clown form. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Spawn”. This is my interpretation of the demon clown who was preparing the young Hellspawn (Spawn) for his service in Satan’s Army.

Painted with Acrylics on 8 × 10″ Gallery Wrapped / Stretched Canvas.

Blue Faced Clown by Laura Barbosa - display_____________________________________________________________

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One of my favorite movies of all time was “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”. The Gill Man was a super cool monster! This artwork was created in acrylic paints on 8 × 10″ canvas. I added the alligator to give it a unique theme. The backdrop is set in the Amazon River on a cool night with a Pink Sky.

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The Creature Lives by Laura Barbosa - display

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creature from the black lagoon art

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My Favorite Movie as a Kid was Star Wars. Being a Former Owner of a Toy Light Saber. I use to go around saying:“May The Force Be With You”. Wanting to be a Jedi Since I was young, I grew up to be a Collector of Everything Cute and Star Wars Related. This Painting is of a Sugar Skull who is an Avid Collector of All the Star Wars Characters from the original movies to the Newer ones. This Artwork is the First in a Series of Star Wars related works of art that are collectible and fun to create. Unique Sugar Skull Themed Creations by Award Winning Artist: Laura Barbosa / 8×10″ Acrylics on Canvas. PLACE A BID for $34.99

Star Wars Sugar Skull by Laura Barbosa - display

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This is a raw abstract mixed media work of art on 2 canvas nailed together and assembled with jute. Splashes of acrylic paint add to the street art feel and the style is modern, contemporary mixed media. This is a primitive looking very rough artwork. It is meant to look disheveled and put together in the most basic way, by hand and free of any constraints. If you love assemblage art and raw pieces then this double canvas representation of a puppet master’s studio would look great in a modern city space or contemporary setting. Graffiti inspired 24×36″ mixed media work of art by Laura Barbosa – Unique and Original, all hand assembled and nailed together.Created in 2012 outside on the rocks near the beach at the Jersey Shore.

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