Tattoo Inspired Graffiti Art in the World of Abstract Expressionism. Laura’s endless creativity puts this artwork in the cool zone with a zombie themed design. Collectible OSWOA 8 x 10″ – Now on Auction for 7 Days * Place Your BIDS Here.

Wild Zombie by Laura Barbosa - display


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Free To Fly, the butterfly spirit is on a journey to visit loved ones and spread joy on Dia De Los Muertos. A dance of colorful sugar skulls representing the vitality of life. Collectible OSWOA 8 x 10″ – Now on Auction for 7 Days * Place Your BIDS Here

Free To Fly by Laura Barbosa - display


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ANNOUNCMENTS: I have recently Signed up with 3 New Companies who are Licensing my Art for Wholesale Posters, Personal Checks, Limited Edition T-Shirts and Fabulous Cross Stitch Kits. If you purchased an original painting, your artwork could be sold on any one of these awesome products. Want to find out? Shoot me an Email to LaurabarbosaArt@Gmail.Com.