Talk Like A Pirate Day

Today is :”Talk Like a Pirate Day!” Have a good time with your YO HO HO’s and your Really Rotten Eggs :0) In honor of this international day I am having a sale in my zazzle shop : 10% off all Pirate Products and 20% off all mugs. Deals End with Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th.

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Pirate’s Cove – 3D Effects Acrylic Painting

A Modern Abstract Artwork Painted in Acrylics on Canvas. The Pirate’s Cove is a Fantasy Themed Original with Skeleton Remains of Sea Dogs and Scaliwags. The Landscape is set on a Tropical Island with Palm trees, an Old Hideaway with the Jolly Roger Flying High, a Beach Littered with Bottles of Rum and a Dead Fish on the Sand. The Background has a View of the Ocean with Waves and a Sea Monster aka Giant Octopus. Cool 3D Effect with a Glossy Sheen. 2013

Pirate's Cove by Laura Barbosa - Original Painting


Pirate's Cove by Laura Barbosa - Original Painting - Modern Wall Art

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Skull Island A Unique 3D Artwork On Canvas

An artwork with 3D faces made out of clay embedded in the tree trunk created out of texture to look like bark. A very cool and unique mixed media painting for goth and macabre fans. Acrylics on canvas with glossy parts.

Title: “Skull Island

Year: 2010

Medium: Acrylics, 3D Clay, Texture & Gloss Medium on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

1-3/8″ Sides: Painted “Contemporary Black”
No Frame Needed)(Ready to hang)

Size: 24H x 36W” x 1-3/8″D

SIGNED on Front & Back