The Mighty Elephant

“The Mighty Elephant” was SOLD to an Art Collector from California. This was a custom commissioned artwork created with Acrylics and Ink on Canvas.

This painting is a celebration of one of the most magnificent animals on earth. The pachyderm is strong and mighty and jumps off the canvas evoking cheerful emotions with eye catching colors.

To order a personalized work of art, please contact the artist:


This Elephant Painting is Available as Prints from Fine Art America

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Featured Artist on Check Advantage

I am honored to be FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK on Check Advantage!

From unforgettable Day of the Dead designs to skeleton cats, you’ll love exploring the inventive worlds of The Art of LauraBarbosa.

This week only, you’ll get $3 off all checks, address labels, and checkbook covers with her artwork.

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diy: bulletin board chic (via Prada For Breakfast)

diy: bulletin board chic Let’s just say I have a certain infatuation with bulletin boards (hence my Twitter background). I absolutely adore anything corkboard — it’s a great way to organize your thoughts, hang up your jewelry, keep in mind quotes that inspire you, etc. The list is practically endless. There is one problem with the typical Staples bulletin board: it’s pretty ugly. And I prefer my corkboard to be aesthetically pleasing. Enter bulletin board makeovers. It’Read More

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Mr. Spock Knows How to Pronounce “Exacerbate” (via Middleagedplague’s Blog)

Mr. Spock Knows How to Pronounce "Exacerbate" I am not Spock.    Aside from the obvious differences of not being male, from another planet, or possessive of pointy ears, my main divergence from the world’s most recognizable Vulcan is that I am not so fully steeped in logical thought that I am impervious to feeling stupid.  Now there is a distinction between feeling stupid and obsessing over what other people think — regarding the latter I try to sail through life doing my own thing, not steRead More

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