“Dragon’s Gate”

Dragon's Gate by Laura Barbosa - display

12x12in. Acrylics on Canvas – Original Painting for Sale on eBay:

Named after the waterfall at the Yellow River in Hunan, this painting of the blue Koi Fish swimming upstream symbolizes, tranquility, strength and perseverance. The colorful skull with a Peace Sign symbol is also a representation for Yin and Yang. Illustrated in a modern tattoo style pop art with the colors of the rainbow, this artwork is a special creation with many meanings.

“Bohemian Peace” represents the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful concepts. This is a lovely and calming artwork created with a mixed media of acrylic paint and plaster with a 3D effect. Shabby Chic Decor or a “Bohemian Atmosphere” would rock this Artwork!

Bohemian Peace Laura Barbosa - 3 Piece Modern Art Set

Bohemian Peace 1 by Laura Barbosa - Mixed Media ART - Canvas Guitar

Bohemian Peace 3 by Laura Barbosa - living room art for behind the couch

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This New York City Fantasy was created with Ink and Acrylic Paint on Gallery Wrap Canvas. A world destructed and plagued by zombies. The fall of the Statue Of Liberty, a symbol of freedom for all of us finally tumbles, a sign of the failures of man. The end of our world and the beginning of another. Their is also a peace sign in this painting and it tells the tale of those who knew the value of life, that each life is of worth no matter how worthless or small you see it to be. Will the meek finally inherit the earth for the good of our species? Are we doomed to walk the earth as undead creatures? An original artwork that makes for great conversation and contemplation as to why the Artist chose to paint this theme and the many symbols which speak to us from the canvas!

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