Dragon’s Gate

“Dragon’s Gate”

Dragon's Gate by Laura Barbosa - display

12x12in. Acrylics on Canvas – Original Painting for Sale on eBay:

Named after the waterfall at the Yellow River in Hunan, this painting of the blue Koi Fish swimming upstream symbolizes, tranquility, strength and perseverance. The colorful skull with a Peace Sign symbol is also a representation for Yin and Yang. Illustrated in a modern tattoo style pop art with the colors of the rainbow, this artwork is a special creation with many meanings.

Hippie Sand Castle Painting

Hippie Footprints in the sand and a textured sand castle with glitter effects to keep memories of the beach and happy times filled with peace! 24 × 36″ Acrylics and Texture on Canvas.

On Auction for ** 5 days ** – Starting Bid is $.99

Place a Bid Now: http://tinyurl.com/HippieSandCastle

Hippie Sand Castle by Laura Barbosa - display


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Bohemian Peace Paintings, Folk Art in a Country French Style

“Bohemian Peace” represents the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful concepts. This is a lovely and calming artwork created with a mixed media of acrylic paint and plaster with a 3D effect. Shabby Chic Decor or a “Bohemian Atmosphere” would rock this Artwork!

Bohemian Peace Laura Barbosa - 3 Piece Modern Art Set

Bohemian Peace 1 by Laura Barbosa - Mixed Media ART - Canvas Guitar

Bohemian Peace 3 by Laura Barbosa - living room art for behind the couch

Buy this 3 Piece Original Set or Purchase Art Prints for your Walls.