Many cultures believe the Bluebird is a sign of happiness. It is a spirit in animal form to the Navajo Indians who associate this messenger with the rising sun. A handmade and whimsical creation of the “Bluebird of Happiness” by Artist Laura Barbosa.

8″ x 10″ Original Sgraffito Painting On Auction with Metallic Silver Highlights

Part of the “Gunmetal Series” – NO RESERVE!! Go To Listing

Bluebird of Happiness by Laura Barbosa - display

I just finished an outside oasis with bamboo privacy fencing, a waterfall and 2 dog beds. It’s a small area but very cozy and private. Painting outside has always been a very relaxing thing for me to do on a Saturday so I have decided to enjoy my weekends and start painting outdoors again. I really want to capture my past creative strengths and paint a triptych or two with some of my old themes and also incorporate some new pouring techniques for new work. The perfect place to splash paint is outdoors because making a mess is my specialty. Stay tuned for outdoor inspired abstract art on canvas. Coming soon