“ Sun Birds “ – Whimsical and Colorful Sun Birds hopping around the forest in the warm sun surrounded by fun little flowers. Originally created with acrylics and plaster on canvas to add interest and texture.

Original Paintings on Auction – Easter Art Sale $49 No Reserve

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Sun Birds by Laura Barbosa - display

Title: “Pirate Nights”

Searching for Pirate Treasure, The Undead Captain wonders the beaches with his Parrot looking for gems and gold.

Created with Acrylics and Hand Painted on 24 x 36″ Canvas. Now on (No Reserve) Auction $49.99  ***  To Place a bid for this original painting, CLICK HERE

Pirate Nights by Laura Barbosa - display



An abstract representation of a Birch Tree Forest. Created with a palette knife for a textured effect. Original Painting by Laura Barbosa.

24 × 36″ Acrylic and Impasto on Canvas.

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The Hidden Forest by Laura Barbosa -  Home Decor


The Hidden Forest by Laura Barbosa - display


The Hidden Forest by Laura Barbosa - Contemporary Home Decor

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Original Painting by American Artist Laura Barbosa of a fun celestial electric guitar with texture. 8 × 10″ Acrylics and Plaster on Canvas

Modeled after the Fender Stratocaster. This artwork was textured with plaster underneath the acrylic painting and 3D acrylic embellishments.

“Celestial Guitar” is on Auction for 7 days – Starting Bid is $9.99 and No Reserve.

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Celestial Guitar by Laura Barbosa - display

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