Custom Order of a Zombie on the Moon with the Earth as a background floating in Space. As earth history has it, zombies have been transported to the moon by our earth patrol after the apocalypse of 2020. Some of them have been buried in graves never to walk again and others are still searching for brains. After the apocalypse and what I call zombie cleanup, the earth became a sanctuary for all living things. The apocalypse has taught the world to respect all life no matter how big or small. I guess it took the end of the world for humans to come to their senses. So if you see a stray zombie walking around your neighborhood, please alert the earth patrol so it can be caught and transported to the moon.

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This original abstract painting was inspired by the red planet “Mars” and it’s many monoliths found by NASA and claimed to be seen by amateur stargazers. Created with metallic silver spraypaint and a rough background texture, the structures were made with layers of paint making this a 3D work of art and a mixed media representation of a fantasy, sci-fi landscape on canvas. This is a very bright and colorful artwork with hues of green, silver, blue, orange, yellow, pink, red, purple, brown, metallic gold and neon pink.

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