If I were a Galaxy, I would listen to the sounds of space and watch the planets rotate and shift. To have a view of all the worlds would be so interesting and humbling. The forever vastness of the universe, the life forms living on so many spheres while peacefully floating and sailing through the milky way. This is a 24x48in Fantasy Abstract Painting created with acrylics and spray paint on canvas for those who love modern art.

If I Were A Galaxy by Laura Barbosa - display

24x48in Spray Paint and Acrylics on Canvas.

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If I Were A Galaxy by Laura Barbosa - Home Decor

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Red, Pink and Yellow have become very popular colors for abstract art recently. According to my sales record for client choices on color combinations. I know red is a color that alot of people love to decorate with or use as home decor accents. I am starting to love this theme myself and am really getting into pink even though my favorite color is purple.

This post includes photos of my latest work called “On The Horizon” which is a set of 3 paintings measuring 20 x 24″ each. It is perfect for modern interiors and even for office spaces. What I like most about these pieces are their texture that lies underneath the colors and also the acrylic paint on top that has been squiggled on. :0))

The Three Fates” is based upon a Tarot Card Spread. It is a simple and effective reading. It highlights the energy of a person’s past, present and future. Many people use the Tarot to help them understand their current situations and to help them figure out their futures.

This abstract art set is a presentation of the past, present and future. The colors represent moods, change and diversity. There is 3D texture underneath the colors to give it even more interest. It is dramatic!! and can be the focal point of any room. Ships ready to hang with wires and can be hung without a frame because the sides are painted mars black.

This Art Listing is for 3 Canvas measuring 20 x 24″ each. 5 Feet wide if you hang them together.

Title: “The Three Fates”

Year: 2011

Medium: Acrylics on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

3/4″ Sides: Painted Black
No Frame Needed)(Ready to hang)

Size: 24″H x 60W” x 3/4″D – Each canvas measures 20 x 24″

SIGNED on Back

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Abstract Paintings can be ordered from previously purchased art but only a few can be created again in a similar fashion so if you see something in my etsy shop or on my official website you like, write me a note and reserve your spot. I get alot of orders and can produce only about 2 to 3 custom works of art per month. Thanks

This blog post is about an urban construction of modern art. These pieces contain blue, yellow ochre, hints of purple, silver metallic parts, white, red and black.

Custom Painting Order for Luis - 4 Canvas of Urban Abstract Art

Medium___acrylics, metallic parts, canvas

3/4″ Sides___ painted black (gallery wrapped sides)

Title___”Industry 2″


Size___56″ x 18″ total
each panel measures (18″ High x 14″ Wide x 3/4″ Deep)


Atlas Shrugged is a novel by Ayn Rand. This painting was created to honor this novel. It is to represent a refusal to be exploited by society, society’s collapse because of industrial control and the disappearance of all productive citizens. The figure represents the Titan, Atlas who holds the weight of all the heavens on his shoulders. This work of art includes mystery and science fiction just like in the novel. The look of worn out buildings and pollution was achieved by taking away the medium after it was applied. “Atlas Shrugged” is a fascinating piece dealing with raw city structures and 3D parts. Perfect for Modern Interiors or Cool Office Decor. 
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I haven’t seen the movie Avatar yet so I looked up movie trailers and photos from the production and I was sitting in my studio when the light bulb went off in my head. Would’nt it be great to paint a fantasy abstract while thinking about the environment of the Avatar, and this is what sparked Pandora and brought it to life.  I LOVE purple!!  It is my favorite color and when I blended the gorgeous purple acrylic I have with my favorite vivid blue, I achieved an excellent result. This is a strong painting that pushes you into Pandora and fills the room with rich and vivid color. The orange and neon yellow of each moon gives a fantastical contrast to the blue and purple hues.

Heavy Body Acrylic Colors were used with hand tools to create this one of a kind abstract painting for home decor or office interiors. Perfect 2 panel art to dress up a room that needs some color. Exotic color combinations created to enhance and bring interest to your interior designs. Home stagers would love this 2 panel piece to enhance their decor. If you are interested in custom pieces for your home staging needs, please give me a shout and we can work together to incorporate your room colors into your custom abstract art. ZEN art also available and minimal abstract art for interior designers. BUY THIS PIECE OR VIEW IT IN A ROOM