Zombie Walk Asbury Park NJ 2013

Zombie Walk

Created for the Asbury Park Zombie Walk in NJ / 2013. To Symbolize the Jersey Shore, I Painted a Shark Coming out of the Ocean, A Zombie Nurse with Pink Hair, A Sick Green Zombie Puking on a Grave Stone, A Mechanic Zombie in the Tradition of George A. Romero’s “Big Daddy” in Land of the Dead, (a 2005 post-apocalyptic horror film). Hand painted on 24×30″ canvas with acrylic paint. If you are interested in purchasing the original painting, please visit or call Kiss My Art Gallery in Asbury Park NJ on October 5th or send me an email. This artwork will be for sale and on display during the Zombie Walk!

Zombie Walk by Laura Barbosa 2013 - display

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Jersey Shore – Colorful Modern Abstract Paintings

“Jersey Shore” is a 2 piece abstract painting on canvas created with acrylics and silver spraypaint. This is a very colorful work of art and is a contemporary modern artwork for rooms that need color. Great art for pillow matching and home decor. Each canvas measures 18″wide x 24″high x 0.5″deep. Hang them together or separate them in any pattern you choose.

Why did I name it Jersey Shore? Because I live near Seaside Heights NJ where they film the Jersey Shore Show and I go to the boardwalk often and play the boardwalk games like, “Shoot The Guido”. Shooting the guido is done with paintball guns and there is a guy or kid, haven’t figured it out yet, that is in a protective suit and he romps back and forth while people shoot him with paintballs, by the end of the night he is a vast array of colors and it looks alot like these abstract paintings. After this little guido is finished getting shot he is covered with paint. I had to create this after returning from my night on the boardwalk which also included ice cream cones, elephant ears, and funnel cakes, oh and woops…… fried oreo cookies. Man that’s alot of food! The boardwalk is awesome fun. These paintings are really cool art for modern spaces.

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Hope for New Artwork Coming Out Soon

A lot has happened recently from moving back to New Jersey to finding another part time job to support my painting. You never know what life will throw your way and how it will come out in the end? I am selling my works of art on ebay for below my normal prices just to make a living. I guess we do what we have to do to survive. 

It has been hard times for all of us and I wish the world would start changing for the better and I have hope that it will. Hope is something I never lose for some reason. My hope never dies and I think this helps me hang on to my gift of art. So I would say to anyone who is thinking about an art career or any dream they have or had for years is, don’t lose hope no matter what because no one can take hope away from us and nothing that happens in the world can diminish the gift the Divine has given to all of us. We are all special in some way, even if we don’t understand how? 

Throwing paint onto a blank canvas can heal emotional wounds and help to get rid of depression at times. I rent a storage unit to house my painting supplies because my new place is too small to keep all the art stuff. I am traveling there today to pick up all the new gallery canvas I purchased for new work. I have about 10 – 24 x 36″ sizes, 12 x 36″ and 20 x 24″ – I have plans to make textured abstracts and maybe some figures. I am really thinking about more textured figurative art for this round. So stay tuned on eBay for new work. Here is a link to the current auctions and most of them are going for $49 with no reserve so best of luck and thanks for reading today’s art blog!

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