The Blue Faced Clown

Portrait of “The Violator” in his Blue Faced Clown form. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Spawn”. This is my interpretation of the demon clown who was preparing the young Hellspawn (Spawn) for his service in Satan’s Army.

Painted with Acrylics on 8 × 10″ Gallery Wrapped / Stretched Canvas.

Blue Faced Clown by Laura Barbosa - display_____________________________________________________________

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Betelgeuse Painting


Title: Betelgeuse

An Acrylic on Canvas Tribute to Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice Characters. A dark and funny comedy and classic movie of all time. It’s Betelgeuse and Lydia Deetz trying to control the giant sandworm.

8 × 10″ acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas.


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Pandora – *New* Large Abstract Painting

I haven’t seen the movie Avatar yet so I looked up movie trailers and photos from the production and I was sitting in my studio when the light bulb went off in my head. Would’nt it be great to paint a fantasy abstract while thinking about the environment of the Avatar, and this is what sparked Pandora and brought it to life.  I LOVE purple!!  It is my favorite color and when I blended the gorgeous purple acrylic I have with my favorite vivid blue, I achieved an excellent result. This is a strong painting that pushes you into Pandora and fills the room with rich and vivid color. The orange and neon yellow of each moon gives a fantastical contrast to the blue and purple hues.