This is a science experiment put on canvas. The colors of cool chemical mixtures and 2 black panels with movement to creat drama in any room. Perfect for Modern Interiors and Spaces that require art that is versatile and can be moved around if needed. Split up the panels any way you want and …buy some pillows to match the colors. This makes an awesome interior abstract painting with contemporary designs.


This abstract art was created with many layers of texture and wonderful colors. The artwork was inspired by a bouquet of flowers I received from lovely clients as a thank you for their artwork. The colors in this floral arrangement were so beautiful I had to put them on canvas and all the colors you see in these pieces come from actual flowers. Gorgeous for Home Decor and fits beautifully in a large space or can be broken up for smaller spaces and rearranged in any order and any position.

Welcome to New York! Here you will experience the Naked Cowboy, Culture, History, Music and just plain Life in the Big Apple! I grew up in NJ with a view of New York City. The influence of city life is what helped me create the unique concept and style incorporated in this artwork. I wanted to include graffiti type words in this piece to give a feeling of personality. The Museum and the Opera were very important to me growing up and in developing my Art Career. Cities of the world hold so many treasures and if we take the time to look, there is no limit to what we might find.