Life’s True Face

Life’s True Face is what we are underneath. Who we are inside. We are first the bone, then the flesh. A skull can tell a life story and this artwork is a celebration of life.

24 × 30″ Acrylic and Plaster on Canvas.

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Lifes True Face by Laura Barbosa - display


Lifes True Face by Laura Barbosa - modern art



Seahorse Serenade

A Fantasy Artwork with Unique Seahorses Dancing in the Sea.

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Seahorse Serenade by Laura Barbosa 2013 - display

seahorse art

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Throw Me Something Mister!

Throw Me Something Mister!! Oh Yeah, I Love Mardi Gras, Ain’t Nothing Like Fat Tuesday! This is an Original Hand Painted Collectible 8×10 Acrylics on Canvas, now available as prints and more! A Unique Artwork by Laura Barbosa. $34.99


Fat Tuesday by Laura Barbosa 2013 - display

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