Jason 13

 Title: Jason 13

A Portrait of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. A Cult Classic Horror Movie started in 1980 and became a famous series. Jason’s original mask was molded from a Detroit Red Wings goalie mask.

Hand Painted in Acrylics on 8 × 10″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas.


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Zombie Shark Fight

This was a cool artwork to create, I just let the paintbrush take over and this came out. In honor of the Walking Dead Finale tonight, I listed it on ebay for 7 days with a reserve of $99 plus free shipping. This is the last of the older canvas given to me by another artist. It has rough stapled sides and looks like a street artwork on canvas. Makes a great conversation piece if you are a zombie fan and would look cool in a game room, man cave or wherever zombies live! Graffiti Style, Zombie Fights Shark Conceptual Art. Modern Horror Art by Laura Barbosa 2013

Zombie Shark Fight by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 20x24 - Concept Art

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