The Lovers is an acrylic artwork mixed with spray paint on canvas. It is a unique expression of the look of love. A kiss can be magical, wonderful and loving. Kissing can make us fly away from our problems and thrust us into a fantastical world of warmth and understanding if just for a moment.

24x36in acrylics and Spray Paint on Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas.

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The Lovers by Laura Barbosa - display


I have been wanting to paint sailboats all summer after watching a boat race at our local island park. This is a palette knife painting with a turquoise green sky and textured sailboats.  24 × 36″ Impasto Painting on Canvas.

On Auction for ** 5 days ** – Starting Bid is $1.00

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Sail Away With Me by Laura Barbosa - display

Sail Away With Me by Laura Barbosa - palette knife


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