Geckos and Lizards are alive in the South and they are cute, cool and beneficial to the environment. Gecko’s are a celestial animal and are celebrated in this artwork with the sun and moon on a metallic silver background. Collectible! – 8″ x 10″ Original Sgraffito Painting On Auction with Metallic Silver Highlights – Part of the “Gunmetal Series”

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Gecko by Laura Barbosa - display

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‘Ello Poppet’ – This little cutie is on a quest for the Gold Leafed Chameleon with a Golden Tongue. She holds her prize and protects it with her Pirate Pistol given to her as a gift from Captain Barbosa. Poppet is standing in a field of purple roses.  Acrylic on Cotton Canvas – 8″ × 10″

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Poppet Pirate at Chameleon Cove by Laura Barbosa - display


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Mexico is a hot spot for UFO activity. In this artwork the reputation of alien visitation is fantasized and showcased in a comical way. A dark Mexican Sky with a flying saucer that is abducting cows and an extra terrestrial musician is singing the song of the dead. Decorated in the spirit of “Dia De Los Muertos” or Day of the Dead, this painting celebrates the Mexican Holiday. The Alien Cantina on the left is owned by a skeleton and his cat. The flying skeleton is an undead sugar skull traveling towards the spaceship watching over the graveyard below.

I had a great time with this theme, especially the cows being abducted. Having an Alien painted like a sugar skull with a spider web on his head is something you never see that often. This artwork encompasses everything I enjoy. Hope you enjoy it too and thanks for supporting my work! Have a Great Mother’s Day Weekend ~Cheers

18 × 24″ Acrylics on Canvas.

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Area 54 by Laura Barbosa - display

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One of my favorite movies of all time was “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”. The Gill Man was a super cool monster! This artwork was created in acrylic paints on 8 × 10″ canvas. I added the alligator to give it a unique theme. The backdrop is set in the Amazon River on a cool night with a Pink Sky.

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The Creature Lives by Laura Barbosa - display

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Why Chameleons? Cuz their so COOL! These lizards are totally specialized and come in a range of colors. Perfect for the Artist’s Easel. This is an image created from an Original painting on 8 × 10″ gallery wrapped canvas. Painted in vivid acrylic color with texture. A Sugar Skull Themed Artwork Featuring Rain Forest Chameleons by Laura Barbosa. PLACE A BID and WIN this Artwork!

Chameleon Sugar Skull by Laura Barbosa 2013 - display

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ACEO "Lizard Interrupted" on ETSY Poor little Lizzy! Her short life was abruptly interrupted in an untimely manner, in the middle of the winter. Whew, thats a mouthful. I dont think she even got to celebrate Christmas. At least this little gecko got her wings and is on her way to wherever lizards go when they die…(-: ACEOs are always 2.5″ x 3.5″  and are very col … Read More

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