Psychedelic Vision

New Cat and Bird Painting in graffiti style created with neon acrylic colors.

Psychedelic Vision by Laura Barbosa - display.jpg

“Psychedelic Vision” For Sale on eBay Auction at a great price for Facebook Fans. To view the auction, please go here:

The Bigfoot and The Jackalope

New Original Painting just Finished!

The Bigfoot and The Jackalope by Laura Barbosa - display

“The Bigfoot and The Jackalope” Cute Cryptid Art for Kids and Collectors of Sweet Monster Art. For Sale on eBay Auction. To view the auction, go here:

Salty But Sweet

NEW! Art on Mannequins – This is my latest artistic creation. I will be painting mannequins with different themes and numbering them. If you are interested in unique wall hangings for your space, check these out, They are lightweight and hang flush against the wall. This one is “SALTY BUT SWEET” Click Here: