Dragon’s Gate

“Dragon’s Gate”

Dragon's Gate by Laura Barbosa - display

12x12in. Acrylics on Canvas – Original Painting for Sale on eBay:

Named after the waterfall at the Yellow River in Hunan, this painting of the blue Koi Fish swimming upstream symbolizes, tranquility, strength and perseverance. The colorful skull with a Peace Sign symbol is also a representation for Yin and Yang. Illustrated in a modern tattoo style pop art with the colors of the rainbow, this artwork is a special creation with many meanings.

Niigata Koi

Niigata Koi Fish Art. The best Koi Fish are said to come from the Niigata Prefecture and are also known as “Living Jewels”.

8″ x 10″ Original Sgraffito Painting On Auction with Metallic Silver Highlights

Part of the “Gunmetal Series”- NO RESERVE!! Go To Listing

Niigata Koi by Laura Barbosa - display

Dragon Fish

May this creation of the Koi Fish bring you long life, good fortune, success and prosperity. This artwork symbolizes the fantastical dragon from myths and legends.

Original Painting for Sale on eBay Auction (Dragon Fish by Laura Barbosa)

Dragon Fish by Laura Barbosa - display