A Painting of a Japanese Kokeshi Doll. Cute and Collectible Kokeshi Doll Art on Canvas is Now on Auction for 3 Days, Starting BID $1.99 BID HERE

Kokeshi by Laura Barbosa - display

Buy a 24 x 30 ” Print of this Kokeshi in Metal, Canvas or Paper.

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SUMO 24 x 36"An Asian Abstract Painting of a SUMO WRESTLER with green, blue, red and yellow colors on a Large 36″ Gallery Canvas. This Character Art has a UV Protective Varnish and the Painting has Texture! Ships from Artist’s Studio Ready to Hang

Medium___Acrylics, Ink and Varnish (Mixed Media)

2″ Sides___ Painted Dark Brown          Title___” SUMO ”             Year___2009

Size___24 x 36″ HUGE (24″ High x 36″ Wide x 2″ Deep)


This is An Original, NOT A PRINT OR A GICLEE OF ANY KIND! This is an Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas which ships direct from the Artist’s Studio. LEARN MORE