Pirate’s Graveyard – Custom Commission

There are two different artworks represented here. One is a zombie pirate and the other a human pirate in a graveyard of zombies. I first painted the scene with the zombie pirate and then changed it to human to suit my client’s specifications.  Acrylics and Ink on Canvas – 24 x 30″ – Prints Available at Imagekind.

Pirate's Graveyard 2 by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 24x30

Pirate's Graveyard by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 24x30

Gimme Some Sugar Baby

New* Mixed Media – Impasto and Acrylics on Canvas – Titled: “GIMME SOME SUGAR BABY” – This is an older canvas given to me from another artist and it has staples on the side! The wood is of great quality and heavier than the norm. The edges look unkempt and rough. 24″W x 18″H x 0.5″D – Holiday Special Price – $99 plus Free Shipping BUY IT NOW or VIEW MORE PHOTOS

Gimme Some Sugar Baby - Sugar Skull Art by Laura Barbosa 2013 - 24x18 - Street Art Style

Prints of this artwork also available at Imagekind

Voodoo Shop – Magical Art on Canvas

Hand Painted in Acrylics with a 3D Effect. A Gloss Finish makes this Triptych Shine! This New Orleans Voodoo Shop is a Cool Place to Buy Magical Items. It is Highly Detailed and Layered in Color. The Two Voodoo Doll Panels are Painted in Colors of Good. The Blue and Purple Doll Symbolizes: love and is the color of Marie Laveau, physical and spiritual healing, strength, wisdom, and a resistance to black magic. The Green and Yellow Doll Symbolizes: success, understanding, attractiveness, confidence, money, wealth, abundance, prosperity, fertility, luck, health, generosity and rebirth.

Voodoo Shop by Laura Barbosa - 3 Piece Artwork - Triptych 2013

For More Photos. Please Go to My Ebay Listing where you can Buy It Now for $479.99 with Free Shipping or if you are interested in individual prints of this work of art, please view My Imagekind Shop.