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What can I say about Dead Heads?  This is an artwork from the soul. Feeling a little morbid lately so I started drawing with my paintbrush and this is what I came up with. I was inspired by the Walking dead and Day of the Dead….. let your imagination free and see what you can come up with. I actually really like how the black and white makes these heads dramatic and striking. It’s perfect art for modern decor or a teenager’s room, heck I would put it in my game room if I had one :0) It’s up on eBay starting today and it will be a 10 day auction.



What’s really behind this artwork and how I was inspired to create it. I am getting my thoughts together to create more figurative works and if anyone has any ideas or comments please share with us your ideas on figurative art and what you might like to see on canvas.

A) My initial thoughts for “Venom” were inspired by the sex of woman herself. The sexual power of the female species in our society. The snake is a sensual creature that merges with the sensual tendencies of woman. To me, the movement of the serpent mimics the movement of women. This work of art was more about sex than the classic bible myth, although Eve does play a part in this piece as well.

B) This piece also has to do with feminism and should also project the power of the female to the viewer. The whole painting is about being feminine and sexy. It’s a window into the soul of a woman’s sexuality. When in the act of sex itself, the woman becomes a serpent, if you will. The movements and actions of the female in a sexual state resembles the slithering motions of serpents and the faceless figure transcends into the natural world of subconscious thinking, fantastical thoughts and should fuel our imagination.

I first draw my subject matter with Prismacolor Pencils and then fill in the outlines with Art Markers. The next step is taking a Photograph of the work and uploading the finished piece into your computer editing program. I happen to use PhotoImpact 12. Once you get your artwork cut and pasted as a new image, use your photo editing tools to enhance your art. You can make your colors more vibrant, blend the colors together, warp your picture or add lighting. Whatever technique you choose will change your colored pencil drawing into a Digital Art Image, but be careful not to lose the prismacolor effect. In other words, only enhance your creation by touching it up without losing your colored pencil strokes.

I need your votes friends!! *Please *vote for me* to win the contest for Tim Burton’s ‘9’ CLICK ON “BARBOSAART” ~Voting ends today – October 25 – at 11:59 PM PST. Prize is a $30 gift certificate to Blick Art Supplies :0))) THANKX!!

9 contest - SCOUT

To Watch Out For Us

#10 – The Scout the others send out first to survey an area and watch out for danger. He rides his wheel like a skateboard. Getting faster and faster with every push of his right foot until he is riding his wheel and balancing on tiny beams while he sways and leans with the wind. Spinning and Agile, he watches out for them in their dangerous world. His wheel enables him to travel to places the others can’t go! He reports back to them with speed and vigilance. His right hand has the ability to spin really fast clockwise or counterclockwise for maybe turning a wheel. He stutters in speech but he is quick witted and alert. He can see a bomb coming from miles away. His senses are enhanced to make for a better watcher. His one eye can zoom in and out like a telescope. The scientist took his right eye off so he could bewilder his opponent and play dead.

I have more 9 characters in my sketchbook and my ideas are NEVER ENDING. If I don’t write them down I will lose them, so I carry my sketchbook everywhere I go.

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