Tune Of Los Muertos

The Tune of Los Muertos celebrates loved ones who have passed and come back to visit their family and friends. This is a lowbrow street art style artwork with a folk art feel. A sugar skull singing songs that attract the spirits and souls at a Day of the Dead festival.

12x12in. Hand Painted Acrylics on Canvas. Now on Auction

Tune Of Los Muertos by Laura Barbosa - display

Spirit Of The Mariachi

Spirit Of The Mariachi. A guitar playing skeleton with skull decorated cowboy boots playing a song for the dead. Dia De los Muertos.

36″ x 24″ Original Acrylic Painting On Auction

NO RESERVE!! Go To Listing

Spirit Of The Mariachi by Laura Barbosa - display


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La Mascarada

The Sugar Skull Masquerade is a colorful celebration of life and loved ones past. Collectible OSWOA 8 x 10″. Now on Auction for 7 Days * Place Your BIDS Here for the Original or Buy a Print.

La Mascarada by Laura Barbosa - display


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