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Birds of Blue 2 - display

This is an Artist Special Fan Sale, An Original 12x12in.
“Birds of Blue 2” on canvas, Signed with Certificate.

“Sugar Skull Lollipop” – The Final Outcome

“Sugar Skull Lollipop” – Original Hand Painted OSWOA

This is (Painting in Progress #2) The Final Outcome

$34.99 Only One Made! On auction for 3 Days!

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Sugar Skull Lollipop by Laura Barbosa 2013 - day of the dead

New Artwork Fan Update

To all my friends and fans: I know some of you have been waiting for more abstract work and I have a 2 panel XXL green and metallic silver diptych coming out tomorrow. It is perfect for modern space and contemporary interiors. I am also going back to the studio tonight to work on a 3 panel triptych. Not sure what colors will be used yet or even if it will have texture? 

Abstract Art Is like a Box of Chocolates…..

I have had many requests for pregnant art and motherhood paintings and I have an awesome piece but it is ~high end~. I am considering offers this weekend. You can find it in my etsy shop, also remember I am still having a promotion for FREE SHIPPING on my official  website!

Thanks and Have a Great Weekend :0)

Summer Splash

Since I live in a home with a lot of artwork in it, I decided to change my room themes for every season. For the summer, I really wanted to create a vivid yellow painting for modern interiors. My achievement was that of movement and energy which I describe as a summer splash into a cool marine blue pool after drinking a tart lemonade. An artwork that will move you into a warmer climate and transport you to the islands.  The glossy white splashes on the top of the canvas makes a nice contrast to the black design and the colors bring it all together with a ZAP of light to represent the sun’s glimmer.

“UnCanny Valley” Original Robot Painting

UnCanny ValleyThis Original Painting took 2 years to complete and is a very complicated and mind enhancing subject. To look at this work of art is to develop different theories about our world today, the future of it and beyond that. This painting will spark subconcious thinking in the viewer and will become the center piece of conversation in any room! Actual Binary Code Included. (If you buy this piece, you will be taking a piece of the Artist with it….TRULY!) (Click on Painting to Buy)

The uncanny valley is a hypothesis that when robots and other facsimiles of humans look and act almost, but not entirely, like actual humans, it causes a response of revulsion among human observers. The valley in question is a dip in a proposed graph of the positivity of human reaction as a function of a robot’s lifelikeness (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncanny_Valley)

“High End Gallery Art”

NEW Drop Dead Alice Art

Drop Dead AliceThis is my *New Signature Style “Alice in Wonderland” * called “DROP DEAD ALICE”
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Medium___Acrylics, Ink & Varnish

2″ Sides___ Painted Black

Title ___ “Drop Dead Alice”


Size___24 x 20″ (24″ High x 20″ Wide x 2″ Deep)


This is An Original, NOT A PRINT OR A GICLEE OF ANY KIND! This is an Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas which ships direct from the Artist’s Studio.

*** SHIPS READY TO HANG: Shipping: Priority Mail / Fully Insured / Delivery Confirmation / Worldwide

*** SIGNATURE: my signature is always on the front of my paintings as well as on the back. (usually Located on right side) a photo of me-the artist and a full biography is also attached to the back of each canvas.

*** COPYRIGHT: this original painting by laura barbosa is protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner without the artist’s written permission.

*** Certificate of Authenticity from EBSQ /SIGNED/DATED