A modern art depiction of a mother expecting her first child. A new life is something to celebrate. Mixed Media – Plaster on Canvas with color and textured metallic finish by Artist Laura Barbosa.

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A New Life by Laura Barbosa. - display.

The Red Qween is a portrayal of Disney‘s Alice in Wonderland’s “Bloody Big Head” from the fantastical movie. This is an original acrylic painting with hues of red, pink, yellow, blue, black and white in a raw style resembling folkart and in the tradition of  the mexican holiday: “day of the dead” or Dia De Los Muertos. Detailed and hand painted with a small brush and splatter paint for an added effect with a modern touch. Artwork created in 2012 by Laura Barbosa.


What’s really behind this artwork and how I was inspired to create it. I am getting my thoughts together to create more figurative works and if anyone has any ideas or comments please share with us your ideas on figurative art and what you might like to see on canvas.

A) My initial thoughts for “Venom” were inspired by the sex of woman herself. The sexual power of the female species in our society. The snake is a sensual creature that merges with the sensual tendencies of woman. To me, the movement of the serpent mimics the movement of women. This work of art was more about sex than the classic bible myth, although Eve does play a part in this piece as well.

B) This piece also has to do with feminism and should also project the power of the female to the viewer. The whole painting is about being feminine and sexy. It’s a window into the soul of a woman’s sexuality. When in the act of sex itself, the woman becomes a serpent, if you will. The movements and actions of the female in a sexual state resembles the slithering motions of serpents and the faceless figure transcends into the natural world of subconscious thinking, fantastical thoughts and should fuel our imagination.

They brought him. He stood there very still as though he was always alone. They dug up the bottom of the sea and planted him. They brought him here to rest. To die, to watch. Was he a watcher? His eyes were so deep and full of sadness. Why did they leave him here all alone?

I wondered why the sea was still and all the creatures had left. I was only a child when the big metal steam things came. They came to us and built cities. The cities were loud and full of life. Some kind of put together objects. Mysteries to mermaids and dolphins. What are they doing here? I never knew

I grew up with him standing there, watching over me, protecting me as I explored the sea. He was there when they left. When the steam things left the city, he was still there.

I loved him, years went by and I loved him. I did not care what he was or who they wanted him to be. I did not care of things brought by others, I only cared for him and I will love him forever.

He was familiar to me. He was my one and only. The one who never left. The one who I could go to whenever I needed to. The one who the sea kept. The sea kept him standing there just as they left him. He looked like them, his eyes, his body. He looked like them but still was different.

He wispered in the night. Under the sea, he wispered things to me. Things I could only hear. Things for me.

I loved him and I never knew his name.

I kept him.

I kept him.

I loved him.

Story and Poem by ~Laura Barbosa~ 2010

Day Of The Dead or Dia De Los Muertos is a very popular Mexican Holiday to Celebrate the Dead. This Wedding Day Painting was created out of 3D Gel Medium and is a unique signature style by Barbosa Art. The Bride and Groom are folk art inspired and hand painted by the artist. 

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Textured Figures on Canvas with Red, Orange, Gray , Black and White Colored Art

A Modern Abstract Painting with a Raw Style and Urban Feel. Created using a palette knife, acrylic paint, varnish and 3D texture.

“Torn” represents being torn apart by life’s challenges, either love triangles or family relationships, this abstract talks to the viewer and gives many impressions, many outcomes and many understandings of just what it should mean. What was the Artist thinking when she finished this piece and Why?

Conversational Art Pieces by Laura Barbosa a.k.a barbosaart.

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Another figure created with the palette knife to bring a 3D effect and texture to the viewer’s eye. 36 x 24″ nude on gallery wrapped canvas.

I was just watching Venom in Vegas when this idea popped in my head. Why not create a snake painting with a nude woman. How cool I thought it would be and it turned out better than expected. I really like how the texture formed the snakes skin and the background was highlighted with purple and pink. The colors in this piece are really stunning and would look lovely in a room that compliments it. I am really getting into these palette knife paintings and my continuation of these works of art will be alot of fun and fascinating. The outcomes are so unexpected. This is going to become a habit with me. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

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