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In honor of my supportive facebook friends, I am giving away a SIGNED 16 x 20″ Open Edition Fine Art Print of “DAY OF THE DEAD” and I will also ship it free to your home or office. Thank You so much for all your Support and Love – Best Of Luck :0)))


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JUNE is Here! Let’s celebrate it with a vivid color palette! For those of you waiting for “Pumpkinhead”…I am painting the creature now and he should be finished by tomorrow night. I have 2 more Easels set up and on easel #2 is my next ‘Custom Order’ – A Zombie Family Portrait for an Awesome Client. Easel #3 is a 24 x 36” Fantasy Themed Painting of The Day Of The Dead: Wizard of Oz – Any requests for this month? Please leave them in the comments section of this post. This month I will be painting on 12×12 inch canvas.


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This artwork was inspired by Doctor Who and all his magnificent episodes. The characters included in this piece are: The Clockwork Droid, The Peg Dolls, Cyberman, Triceratops from the Dinosaur On A Spaceship Episode, a cute little Adipose Creature, The Daleks, Weeping Angels and the Tardis with a Great Britain Symbol. Cheers to the BBC for making such a wonderful series for all of us Obsessed Who Fans!

Doctor Who Obsessed Fan - Original Painting by Laura Barbosa

Doctor Who Obsessed Fan - Original Painting by Laura Barbosa - blue room

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Statue of Liberty Angel Doctor Who


Peg Dolls

Dont Blink Angel

dalek close up

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