They All Float

May Horror Month at Barbosa Art Studios has come to a close with one more artwork being posted tonight. This post is for the second to last cult classic horror movie artwork: “They All Float”.

” IT ” was one of the scariest films with the most terrifying clown: “Pennywise” played by Tim Curry. A Creepy Dark Monster whom I shall never forget. “They all float down here” was such a creepy catch phrase. This is a Portrait of Stephen King’s Evil Clown.

Painted in Acrylic Paint on 8 × 10″ Canvas.

Pennywise by Laura Barbosa - display

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Betelgeuse Painting


Title: Betelgeuse

An Acrylic on Canvas Tribute to Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice Characters. A dark and funny comedy and classic movie of all time. It’s Betelgeuse and Lydia Deetz trying to control the giant sandworm.

8 × 10″ acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas.


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Voodoo Queen – Modern Abstract Painting

An abstract representation of the spirit of voodoo.

24 × 48″ Original Painting – Acrylics on Canvas.

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VOODOO Queen by Laura Barbosa - DISPLAY

VOODOO Queen by Laura Barbosa - mARDI gRAS aRT

VOODOO Queen by Laura Barbosa - Marie Laveau

VOODOO Queen by Laura Barbosa - nEW oRLEANS aRT

VOODOO Queen by Laura Barbosa - skull

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