I am so proud to Announce the Launch of my Art as Cross Stitch Kits!! I Can’t wait to buy some myself! I love Cross Stitch – Many of you asked for “Celestial Cat” as a Cross Stitch and Gecko Rouge Made the Kits Especially for You! Please follow the link and check out my kits!! More Designs Coming Soon!

More of My Cross Stitch can be found HERE!

Gecko Rouge Announcement

My summer art sale is still going on and Originals are being sold for Great Prices! I have many art festivals this summer and will be selling my paintings to make room for new work. If your interested in finding Abstracts for Home or Office Decor, Macabre Paintings, Cult Classics, Animals and more, Please visit my Etsy Shop. Thanks for Stopping by the Heart Of Art Blog. Http://Barbosaart.Etsy.com

The Peace Sign proves itself to be a useful and meaningful symbol in the world of art. I have experienced many clients that want this sign included in their artwork in many different ways. Each time proving itself to be a worldwide sign of peace. To promote a great thing always makes art so much more important to me. I follow no guidelines and keep my mind open when I am creating. This piece is 30 x 48″ and is painted on Master Canvas.

All Original Paintings have been Reduced!! I have to sell all Art in my Studio because I am moving. All offers are being considered and all artwork has to be sold. Each work of art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and all are shipped ready to hang. I have 100% Positive Feedback and Excellent Customer Testimonials. Please see my Official Website to read what my clients have to say. If you are interested in the art sale in my Etsy Shop please click here. If you are looking for custom art for your home or office please contact me via Email at wardogmastiff@netzero.net . I am behind by 7 orders at the moment so you will have to be put on the list.

Artwork is paid for through paypal, if it is a large amount thanĀ I use an escrow service. All Originals are shipped ready to hang and right to your door. International shipping available to anywhere in the country except Nigeria. If you wish to receive a price quote before you buy your artwork than please contact me directly via email.

A very unique take on “Day of the Dead’ or “Dia De Los Muertos” Birds pass over the rainbow bridge and there are angels to take care of them once they get there. This is a representation of a !!! day of the dead Bird Keeper !!!

T I T L E : ” The Bird Keeper”

Y E A R : 2011

M E D I U M : Acrylics & Ink on Gallery Wrapped Canvas with Metallic Parts

S I Z E : 3/4″D Gallery Sides: Painted Black (No Frame Needed) (Ready to hang)
Canvas: 36″ H x 12″ W x 3/4″ Deep)

S I G N E D on Front and Back

The Three Fates” is based upon a Tarot Card Spread. It is a simple and effective reading. It highlights the energy of a person’s past, present and future. Many people use the Tarot to help them understand their current situations and to help them figure out their futures.

This abstract art set is a presentation of the past, present and future. The colors represent moods, change and diversity. There is 3D texture underneath the colors to give it even more interest. It is dramatic!! and can be the focal point of any room. Ships ready to hang with wires and can be hung without a frame because the sides are painted mars black.

This Art Listing is for 3 Canvas measuring 20 x 24″ each. 5 Feet wide if you hang them together.

Title: “The Three Fates”

Year: 2011

Medium: Acrylics on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

3/4″ Sides: Painted Black
No Frame Needed)(Ready to hang)

Size: 24″H x 60W” x 3/4″D – Each canvas measures 20 x 24″

SIGNED on Back

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