All of my DOG DOLLS from 2003 are now available to buy! Most dolls have bids and many watchers already. They are collectible and come with a certificate / signed and dated. Perfect OOAK gift. Only one made of each breed. Go to the eBay Listing Page here:


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The fourth painting in the series: “My Pet Zombie”. This artwork has a cute little puppy / Here Boy…. Place a BID for $34.99 or Higher and WIN this Original!

My Pet Zombie - Here Boy by Laura Barbosa - display

puppy art

comic art

cartoon art

I chose to paint a black pug in this original pop art painting. He is a cute little hippie hawaiian dude with a guitar and he loves peace! Vivid acrylic color decorates his shirt of flowers and his big bug eyes are typical of the pug breed which also brings him to life. Psychedelic hot colors make this pop art pug a cool modern addition to any room that needs color. This artwork will be manufactured into fine art prints, greeting cards and prints on canvas. The original painting measures: 18″ wide x 24″ high x 0.5″ deep. It will be listed on eBay tonight for a 10 day auction and also posted on my official website for immediate sale with free shipping to the USA.

Buy Now – “Pugs Love Peace” Original Painting

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Bull Terrier


Dogue De Bordeaux


Black Lab Hippie Doll


Just some fun dog breed sculptures created with love and admiration for the purebreds presented. From top to bottom – The Bull Terrier, Dogue De Bordeaux and Black Labrador Retriever. This is art created from photos. Enjoy~

These works of art were custom orders created from client pet photos.The Bulldog Wedding was a gift for a client who’s sister was getting married and the dog’s faces were painted to resemble their pet photos.

Medium: clay, paint, linen, felt and glue. Hand Painted Mixed Media Figurative Sculpture.

Boston Terrier WizardI use to own another business many moons ago called Doll Kennel LLC. This company was my first foot forward into the world of selling art on a professional level. It mainly consisted of mixed media figurative sculptures within the dog breed themes.

I sold about 100 dolls my first year and even took a trip to the UK to deliver 5 Neapolitan Mastiff Sculptures to a well known breeder of the Mastino. A great adventure to say the least.

I am still looking through my millions of photos so I can start posting my dog breed dolls.  They are all one-of-a-kind and handmade by me. Some are still in my studio and could possibly be for sale someday, that is – if I can part with them! 

25.00% off all orders $100 or more.
Expires: Sep 8, 2009


Choose from Blue, Brown, Black and White, Multi Color Pieces, Abstracts, Figures such as Pirates and Animals such as Dogs, Horses and more. Click on artwork to see the discount. More abstracts will be added tonight. Already had 2 offers this morning so please don’t wait until the last minute, I can’t paint any duplicates.  They are all hand painted original fine art on canvas. Affordable Prices! Saw it for LESS in my ETSY SHOP? I will honor that price!!