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Artist Laura Barbosa Studios 3

What are you working on?

Right now I am working on a 24×36″ Acrylic Painting of “The Wizard of Oz”. If you are a fan of my art than you already know it’s not going to be that simple. It has to have a twist! The cowardly lion is the first fictional character to be sketched out and is in the process of being created in my art journal. I have decided to make the lion more of an animal than a man in a costume or a lion man creature. For this fantasy artwork the Day of the Dead Holiday with Sugar Skull Characters will be incorporated into this painting along with an Undead Creature or two. The landscape will be filled with vibrant colors that pop and could possibly include the Emerald City. We shall see how this comes out. I never know the outcome until I look upon it when it is completed. Upon popular vote from my Facebook Fan Page, each month at Barbosa Art Studios a unique theme and or subject matter will be created. For example: In May 2014 we celebrated “Cult Classic Horror Month” and for the month of June I will be painting more Mermaids, Sea Creatures, Sharks and of course some Zombies and Dia De Los Muertos thrown in for good measure!

Rose of the Sea - Skeleton Girl original Painting by Laura Barbosa 24x30 2012

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

After many years of experimenting with different media I have become comfortable with mixing acrylics, ink and textures to the point of it becoming a unique style which evolves each day into something I call, More of Me. More and More Clients are starting to pick my work out of a crowd saying, “I knew that was yours” or “I could tell you painted this piece”. This is a confirmation to me that I am moving in the right direction.

Alice in Zombieland by Laura Barbosa - Original Painting - Folk Art Dark Fantasy

Why do you write/create what you do?

I breathe creativity and dream about ideas. Existence is my muse. I am becoming more and more obsessed with putting characters together with fantastical environments and fantasizing about what I will paint tomorrow. It is a never ending journey for me and one which will only continue to grow. There are so many ideas floating in my mind that I need to carry a journal with me wherever I go and keep one by my bedside so I can sketch out the ideas flowing through my head. It’s like a song that keeps playing. I have started to invent things… Contraptions and mechanical objects that could function in our society. Inventions that I have not yet shared with the world and may never have enough time to do so. My first priority is painting and sculpting. I use to own a Sculpting Business many many years ago prior to painting. Before that I was selling t-shirts in high school with painted portraits from customer photos and before that in my childhood I was drawing murals on my walls.

Laura Barbosa Studio

How does your writing/creative process work?

I have always said that the creativity that runs through me is something that comes from somewhere else, like a message from a different dimension communicating to me, my ideas. Because truly…. I have no idea where they come from! I think we all have a gift within each of us and this is mine.

The Fallen Angel - 2012 - by Laura Barbosa Colorful Abstract Cityscape - ebay auction


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