Peace Dream is layered in colors, with hues of blue, yellow, green, pink, red and a touch of brass metallic paint. Acrylic paint drips from the peace symbol in a thick mixture making it’s own rainbow design. The outcome was better than I expected and the artwork is an awesome addition to any room that needs color. An abstract peace painting. Hand Painted in 2012.

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Abstract Paintings can be ordered from previously purchased art but only a few can be created again in a similar fashion so if you see something in my etsy shop or on my official website you like, write me a note and reserve your spot. I get alot of orders and can produce only about 2 to 3 custom works of art per month. Thanks

This blog post is about an urban construction of modern art. These pieces contain blue, yellow ochre, hints of purple, silver metallic parts, white, red and black.

Custom Painting Order for Luis - 4 Canvas of Urban Abstract Art

Medium___acrylics, metallic parts, canvas

3/4″ Sides___ painted black (gallery wrapped sides)

Title___”Industry 2″


Size___56″ x 18″ total
each panel measures (18″ High x 14″ Wide x 3/4″ Deep)


This triptych was created from authentic hoofprints of a pennsylvania whitetail deer. This artwork has a 3D textured surface and was created from a palette knife and real deer hoofs. 3 Canvas measuring 18 x 14″ each.

Title: “Ghosts Of The Timber” (Click on link to see actual photos)

Year: 2011

Medium: Acrylics & Texture on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

3/4″ Sides: Painted To Match
No Frame Needed)(Ready to hang)

Size: 18″H x 14W” x 3/4″D

SIGNED on Back

Original Deer Painting Nature Inspired Wildlife Hoofprints of a Whitetail Deer by Laura Barbosa

Original Deer Painting Nature Inspired Wildlife Hoofprints of a Whitetail Deer by Laura Barbosa

Hand Painted on *Premiere Canvas* ~ 5 Piece Abstract Ocean Set. Highly detailed/Dot Style/Pointillism, Versatile and Functional Wall Art for Home or Office Decor. 3D Texture on each piece embossed into the design. The 5 Sea Creatures Painted are: Shark, Fish, Seahorse, Octopus and Sea Stars.

Match your space and buy colorful pillows in orange, blue, red, yellow and green. Perfect artwork for Beach Homes, Veterinary Offices, Family Rooms, Bedrooms and more!


New York Escape This painting is an original black and white abstract. I was going to list it for sale today but a man that was walking by my studio saw it in the window and bought it. I am blessed with a great sale on Labor Day! 

I used black and white acrylic paints and an acrylic medium to create the water effect. 24 x 36″ cityscape. The new owner will be hanging it in his realty office in Jersey City and using it as office art. (Photo of wall hanging in office coming soon!)