Tattoo Style Art Collage set in an Ocean Environment with a Killer Whale Promoting Peace. Street Art Style Modern Art by Laura Barbosa. Created on a 8 x 10″ Canvas with Acrylic Paint. On Auction for 7 days on eBay. No Reserve! Collectible OSWOA – BID $50 and Win this Original Artwork.
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The Peace Whale by Laura Barbosa - display


ocean digital art for sale

“Splatterday” measures 12 x 36″ Large and is on Gallery Canvas. Created in a street art /graffiti style. This Work of Art also has texture added on with a palette knife. The colors have great contrast and are vivid for a dramatic effect. The great white shark was drawn with a paintbrush and painted by hand with detail to enhance the appearance of the shark. There is a hidden city under the rising water with colorful buildings and a splattered painting effect in many colors. A modern abstract representation of one of our favorite top predators of the ocean.

I love sharks, to me they are such interesting animals and to draw them and capture the wild essence of their nature is my intent. Hope you like this one as much as I do. I decided to put it on auction for $49 with NO RESERVE to give people a chance to win one of my signed originals at an affordable price. I have been contacted by other countries who always have to pay shipping and custom fees so the price is great for them. Wish I could provide more affordable pieces, but it is impossible since I am a full time artist and live off my work. This is a March Madness / Spring has Sprung Sale for my fans. I would never be able to make it without you. Thank you all for supporting my art and a living artist! This is only on auction for another 4 days so if you want to place a bid click here.

Splatterday by Laura Barbosa 2013 12x36 - Canvas Art

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When I was a kid I had a toy that plugged into the wall and it came with small plastic colored squares that were meant to be put into this mini oven and when the squares heated up they transformed into monsters, creatures, cars and robots. I had a dream I was around 7 and back in my musty basement again in Cranford New Jersey plugging in this cool toy and melting a square that turned into a robot with a city coming out of its head.  Hidden Treasure (Add up the numbers, they = 38) Why 38?   Number 38 is the most drawn in lotteries. This art is blessed with GOOD KARMA! The photos do not do it justice! It is much more vibrant in person..

This artwork was taken from a childhood memory and made into a 3 panel abstract work of art for home or office decor. The medium is acrylics and gel medium which has a super glossy effect to give the look of plastic. The backgrounds were painted with cotton candy colors.


The crystal skulls are a number of human skull hardstone carvings made from clear or milky quartz rock, known in art history as “rock crystal”, claimed to be pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts by their alleged finders. However, none of the specimens made available for scientific study has been authenticated as pre-Columbian in origin. The results of these studies demonstrated that those examined were manufactured in the mid-19th century or later. READ MORE ( Information Obtained from Wikipedia)

This is a 4 Piece Abtsract Art Set and is very special to me because I believe in the powers of the Crystal Skulls and also the prohecy for 2012. The panels are painted in gray hues and a metallic silver background with a white, black and red acrylic drip technique. Each skull is UNIQUE and holds a different emotion. There are 13 skulls in this artwork to represent the authentic crystal skull collection.



This piece was fun to create and started out as a rough sketch. After painting in the colors I decided to include heavy body acrylics right from the tube and also 3D paint for the details. It came out COOL and FUNKY. Just what I was hoping to achieve.  


Guitar Players and Musicians are a very popular subject to paint and one where you can use your creativity by leaps and bounds. Try to use your imagination while making figures and musical instruments. Abstract Expression, Surrealism or illustrations are great for achieving music themed art! BUY PRINTS OF guitar players art

A post I found on Weird art that is truly wonderful.

All Things Weird and Wonderful One of my all time favorite on-line destinations is the one of “All Things Weird and Wonderful” by Dark Roasted Blend. Here, you can find beautiful art in all sorts of places and on all sorts of things. Weird gadgetries, clever povs, insightful and (let’s face it) crazy advertisements, and in whole, this montage of eclectic photos and scenarios–truly weird and wonderful things. Some of the weird, wonderful things you can see on their latest postRead More

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