Magic Cat

Magic Cat by Laura Barbosa created with acrylic paint in modern abstract style. An Original Creation.

36″ x 24″ Original Acrylic Painting On Auction

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Magic Cat by Laura Barbosa - display

Seeking Happiness

A representation of what the artist calls: the visual knowledge of happiness. On Auction for 7 Days – 24 x 30″ ……….Acrylic on Canvas
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Seeking Happiness by Laura Barbosa - display


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Owl Totem – No Reserve Art Auction

Owls bring the gift of ancient wisdom, hidden knowledge and night vision. There are 4 different kinds of owls that sit on this branch, the barn owl, screech owl, snowy owl and hoot owl.

No Reserve Auction!! New – “Owl Totem” 12 x 36″ Textured Original

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Owl Totem by Laura Barbosa - display

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