Cow In A Tree

A cow in a tree symbolizes hopes and dreams of the fantastical. Perfect for children’s rooms to spark creativity. An Original Painting by Laura Barbosa.

Cow In A Tree by Laura Barbosa - display

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A Giraffe of Many Colors

A Colorful Rainbow Giraffe Baby Painted on a Purple Textured Background.

Small 8×10 Textured Painting – “Giraffe of Many Colors” On Auction for 7 days – Starting Bid is $9.99 and No Reserve.

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Giraffe of Many Colors by Laura Barbosa - display

giraffe art

The Tree of Hearts – Panda Art

Sweet Panda Art for Children’s Rooms and Unique Spaces that need some Love.

8×10 Small Painting – Now on Auction – No Reserve, BID Here:

Tree of Hearts by Laura Barbosa - display

hearts art

tree art art

animals art