Pirate Nights

Title: “Pirate Nights”

Searching for Pirate Treasure, The Undead Captain wonders the beaches with his Parrot looking for gems and gold.

Created with Acrylics and Hand Painted on 24 x 36″ Canvas. Now on (No Reserve) Auction $49.99  ***  To Place a bid for this original painting, CLICK HERE

Pirate Nights by Laura Barbosa - display



The Blue Faced Clown

Portrait of “The Violator” in his Blue Faced Clown form. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Spawn”. This is my interpretation of the demon clown who was preparing the young Hellspawn (Spawn) for his service in Satan’s Army.

Painted with Acrylics on 8 × 10″ Gallery Wrapped / Stretched Canvas.

Blue Faced Clown by Laura Barbosa - display_____________________________________________________________

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Ordering Custom Commissioned Art

“Kirk and Spock” Original Portraits have been SOLD to an Art Collector. I am getting emails requesting more famous Character Portraits. It is a 3 month wait until I can start my next commission but if you would like to be put on the list please send me a message and reserve your spot. Half down is required – Price list on my official website: http://laurabarbosaart.com/

Spock and Kirk Portrait Pop Art by Laura Barbosa for Etsy