Mexico is a hot spot for UFO activity. In this artwork the reputation of alien visitation is fantasized and showcased in a comical way. A dark Mexican Sky with a flying saucer that is abducting cows and an extra terrestrial musician is singing the song of the dead. Decorated in the spirit of “Dia De Los Muertos” or Day of the Dead, this painting celebrates the Mexican Holiday. The Alien Cantina on the left is owned by a skeleton and his cat. The flying skeleton is an undead sugar skull traveling towards the spaceship watching over the graveyard below.

I had a great time with this theme, especially the cows being abducted. Having an Alien painted like a sugar skull with a spider web on his head is something you never see that often. This artwork encompasses everything I enjoy. Hope you enjoy it too and thanks for supporting my work! Have a Great Mother’s Day Weekend ~Cheers

18 × 24″ Acrylics on Canvas.

Buy The Original for $249.99

Area 54 by Laura Barbosa - display

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A Blue Kitty Cat Riding a Rainbow Owl. Painted on 8×10 Canvas in Acrylics with a 3D Effect and Silver Glitter Paint. The Sky is made of Silver Glitter.


Rainbow Owl Ride by Laura Barbosa - display

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“MY PET ZOMBIE #2 – Here Kitty Kitty” ($34.99) Place a Bid:

my pet zombie 2 - Here Kitty Kitty - Display

New OSWOA or Small works of art ( 8 × 10 ) There will be 10 Hand Painted / Collectible “MY PET ZOMBIE” Creations for those of you who collect these creatures. Each will be numbered. So get em while their HOT! Acrylics and Ink on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

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“Love Cats” was created on an 8×10 black canvas and celebrates all the colors of the rainbow as animal art. 2013 This is the last OSWOA black canvas painting, it has one bid so far and ends tomorrow. To place a BID Click Here.

Love Cats by Laura Barbosa - 2013

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