Yeti Love Pink Lemonade by Laura Barbosa May 2017 - display

This work of art was hand painted with acrylics, ink and 3D paint and was entered into the contest on Talenthouse for the Brisk Challenge. The 12x12in. original painting is available for purchase on eBay Here If your interested in Prints and Products with this image, please go to Red Bubble, Fine Art America or Society6

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The fourth painting in the series: “My Pet Zombie”. This artwork has a cute little puppy / Here Boy…. Place a BID for $34.99 or Higher and WIN this Original!

My Pet Zombie - Here Boy by Laura Barbosa - display

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Popeye and Jessica Rabbit by Laura Barbosa - custom painting

A Modern Artwork Representing Popeye The Sailor and Jessica Rabbit on a Ship. Hand Painted in Acrylics on a 36″ x 36″ Canvas. This was a Custom Commission and the Original Painting has been SOLD. Prints and Fine Art Reproductions Available at Imagekind, Fine Art America, Red Bubble and Artist Rising. Custom Art can be ordered from My Official Artist Website. Please see the Price List.

This artwork was so much fun to create. I had to really think about the dimensions of the characters and how they would be represented on the canvas. Fitting a full body Femme Fatale was not easy to incorporate into the piece so measuring was key to understanding the composition.

My client wanted the Popeye and Ms. Rabbit to be painted in the same style as: “Pirate“. . an artwork I had created in the past in a surreal cubist style which is also owned by the client making the total amount 8 Original Paintings.

I used top quality acrylic paint and blended all the colors to create depth and contrast in a bright and vibrant way. Recreating cartoons is very enjoyable and gives a feeling of happiness when applying color. At least to me when I was painting this piece. It is a very big size and I like creating on an extra-large canvas. I wanted to make this look like a ship so I painted the rope in the background and a ship’s wheel with a skull decorated with 3D Pirate Coins. The “Popeye” character was over exaggerated to remind the viewer of how big Popeye’s arms are and how the cartoon can take on another form but still tell the story of Popeye The Sailor.

Jessica Rabbit looks like the “Pirate” artwork with her body almost bobble head style, tiny feet and big boobs, she is a classy chick and a sexy lady who is obviously interested in getting to know the sailor better. Capturing her sex pot facial expression was important in portraying the original character from Roger Rabbit.

I really like how the colors pop and how fun this painting is to look at. It was coated with a gloss varnish. “I Yam What I Yam” / “I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way”. Cheers :0)

Birth of an Artist Here’s what my mother told me about my early days as an artist. She said I drew from the time I could hold a pencil: when I turned 30. Actually, a bit earlier. On walls, floors, sheets, whatever was within reach. The house began to look like the inside of Picasso’s brain. The parents soon wised up and loaded me with great piles of envelopes, notepads, paper bags, newspaper, bathroom tissue (bathroom tissue was tougher in those days), and other su … Read More

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