Bitter Berry Sea

There’s my boat, right where I left it, in the sea, a sea of berries and sweet scented air. Alone, in the Bitter Berry Sea. Purple water and pink clouds. Rowing my boat on Bitter Berry Sea.

Medium 12 x 12″ Acrylic Painting with Texture!
(Hidden Sailboat Behind the Clouds)

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Bitter Berry Sea by Laura Barbosa - display

A Pirates Tale – Attack Of The Mutant Octopus

*The Last Pirate Artwork for July* – “A Pirates Tale – Attack Of The Mutant Octopus” is a Fantasy Artwork Depicting a Giant Mutant Octopus Attacking a Pirate Ship on the Aegean Sea.

LARGE 24 x 36″ Original Painting / On Auction for ** 7 days **

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A Pirates Tale - Attack Of The Mutant Octopus - display


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Ruthless Roger

This art celebrates the Red Jolly Roger Flag which was used to frighten passing ships into surrendering without a fight. The red skull sits on the bottom of the sea with an octopus wrapped around it’s head and the soul of a crew member peeking out one of his eye sockets. The gold coin is his payment for The River Stix. ~Good Journey Mate~

2 x 12″ Original Acrylic Painting
On Auction for ** 5 days ** – Starting Bid is $24.99
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Ruthless Roger by Laura Barbosa - display


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