Heaven is for Real

A whimsical and colorful painting depicting a skeleton angel with wings and a crown of gold floating up towards heaven.  24 x 30″ PAINTING – On eBay Auction for * 7 days * Original w COA – Bid $49 and Win: http://tinyurl.com/lor9k7q

Heaven is for Real by Laura Barbosa - display_________________________________________________________

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In The Afterlife

In The Afterlife our deceased loved ones are said to come visit us on the Holiday: Day of the Dead. This candied sugar skull spirit is hanging out with his chameleon friend celebrating Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico.

On Auction for * 7 days * Win it for $99.00
Place a Bid Here: http://tinyurl.com/sugarskullartpainting

24 × 30″ Acrylics on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

In The Afterlife by Laura Barbosa - display

The Dragon Guardians – Colorful Sugar Skull Art

dragon Guardians by Laura Barbosa - Original Painting 18x24 2013 - Sugar Skull Art

The Colorful Sugar Skull Guardians are Protecting The Dragon’s Tomb. Adorned with decorative designs, this artwork pops with vivid acrylic color. Created in 2013 as a fantasy themed: “Day of the Dead” Painting with a 3D effect. 24″W x 18″H x 0.5″D on Gallery Wrapped Canvas – Sides Painted Black – Ships free to the USA and Canada, Ready to Hang. Just Listed!

dragon Guardians by Laura Barbosa - Original Painting 18x24 2013 - modern wall art

My Thoughts on this Work of Art: “I am really pleased with the end result of this piece. I never know how the painting will look until it is finished although it is created with a picture in my mind. My hands actually work in a blind state of subconsciousness that I am not consciously aware of, does that make sense? If I was aware of my hands working, I don’t think my creations would come out this way. All my art is created in a certain state of mind and I am hoping it evolves into being more advanced and more free, freedom of movement between the mind and the body, essentially.”

Close Up Photos:

dragon Guardians by Laura Barbosa - close up chinese dragon

dragon Guardians by Laura Barbosa - close up blue sugar skull

Interested in this Original Painting for your home? Buy it for a Special Sale Price of $125 plus FREE Shipping to the US and Canada on eBay for a Limited Time or Purchase it Directly from the Official Artist Website. Fine Art Reproductions From Small to Large Sizes are also available on Canvas, Paper and Metal. Need help? Contact the Artist Direct LauraBarbosaArt@Gmail.com

dragon Guardians by Laura Barbosa - Original Painting 18x24 2013

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